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– and save money on your energy bills


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Rockland Energy Analysts will conduct comprehensive home assessments to find inefficiencies in heating and cooling systems, as well as detect health and safety problems.

We will recommend steps to fix any problems, and provide an estimate of remediation costs and projected savings in energy bills.
How does it work ?
Phase 1:  A comprehensive home energy and safety audit, including:
  • Indoor air quality:  natural gas leaks, hazardous substances … Is there enough fresh air cycling through your home?
  • Combustion appliances:  boiler, dryer, water heater; testing for carbon monoxide, proper flu draftin
  • Thermal envelope:  insulation efficiency of walls, roof, basement, windows and doors
  • Air exfiltration:  how much heated or cooled air is escaping your home?
Energy cost analysis:  We produce a detailed report of existing conditions and steps you can take to remedy any problems.  We’ll review your current energy bills and calculate potential savings from improvements.
Phase 2:  The audit includes a detailed scope of work and cost estimates.
  • Remediation work is designed to improve your home’s energy efficiency and safety, as well as save you money.
  • Our report will include the projected payback time for this investment in your home.
(Payback times will vary depending on the price of fuel, weather conditions and changes in individual habits.)